RC Racing Boats Basics

RC Racing Boats Basics

Without a doubt will you find more people investing in a racing boat than any other kind of RC boat? You get three basic types which we look at here:


These models are the largest of the RC boats and therefor also the most powerful. When choosing a RTR you will have to be an experienced assembler as the two-stroke engine of the gas powered RC are a lot more complicated than an electric or even nitro or glow powered engines. The upside of the gas powered motors though when you look past the difficulty is that it is the lowest cost both in maintenance and operation costs. The best advice for anyone looking at buying a gas powered racing boat is to be able to have full knowledge in controlling it and know how to do modifications and repairs too.


A nitro-powered model is the best motor when you are looking for a thrilling ride and are skilled enough to step up with your skills as RC boater. When buying a nitro-powered boat you will have various options to choose from ranging between do-it-yourself kits that could be difficult and easy RTR kits too. New users should know beforehand that the design is purely high performance and that they are difficult to control due to inexperience and maintenance as more expensive to than when compared to say an electric motor. In the same breath will you not even feel all the additional effort and expense when you race over the finish line first?


If you are a beginner boat racer and you are looking at buying your first RC boat then we suggest the electric motor for sure. It is the ideal beginner’s boat and outstanding reasons include that they are first off all cheap to buy, easy and inexpensive to maintain while controlling them are simple too. These models are ready to run and comes either with a brushless or brushed motor, battery, radio system and after you open the box you are ready to get it into the water without hassle.