Blade 130 S 310mm RTF Helicopter

Blade 130 S 310mm
RTF Helicopter

When you are looking for a powerful, smaller than micro sized helicopter that is powerful too you could always opt for the Blade 130 S. This helicopter however is aimed at the intermediate and advanced flyers and beginners will find it difficult to operate. It comes with three progressive flight modes, a panic switch and self-stabilization too. These powerful tracts give you the ability and confidence to fly your copter both indoors and outside too.

It has a strong frame, with performance and power while offering brushless motor, linear servos and direct drive tail motor. Then on top of that does it feature SAFE technology which is Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope.

It comes with three modes too, a beginner mode that features t=roll angle limits and small pitch while you can control the helicopter with self-leveling. The intermediate mode offers expanded roll and pitch limitations and a much larger flight envelope while it also has extended self-leveling for great stability. In experienced mode users have no leveling and limits and have the advantage of complete maneuverability.

Top features of the Blade 130 S:

  • SAFE Technology, self-leveling and three flights modes
  • 11.1 V Li-Po battery included
  • Molded lightweight plastics
  • Direct tail motor with a brushless motor that simplifies repairs and increase flight performance and improved durability
  • SAFE Technology and collective pitch for 3D flying and aerobatics
  • Entry level 2.4 Gz transmitter
  • Spectrum Collective Pitch compatible Receiver
  • 3S Balance Charger
  • Overall height is 4.48 inches
  • Overall width is 2.24 inches
  • Overall length is 11.96 inches
  • Rotor diameter for tail is 2.5 inches
  • Approximate flight time is seven minutes
  • Motor is brushless
  • Flying weight is six ounces
  • Recommended environment is either large indoor areas or outdoor
  • No building time required
  • Skill levels are better for intermediate