Blade 130 S 310mm RTF Helicopter

When you are looking for a powerful, smaller than micro
sized helicopter that is powerful too you could always
opt for the Blade 130 S.

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Off-Road and On-Road
RC Vehicles and Trucks

RC Racing Boats Basics

Without a doubt will you find more people investing in a racing boat than any other kind of RC boat? You get three basic types which we look at here:

  • Gas-Powered
  • Nitro-Powered
  • Electrics

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What Do You Need
To Run Your RC

When you have an RC you need more than your vehicle as electrics require a battery, speed control and 2 or three channel radio. Looking at a nitro vehicle you need a muffler, fuel, engine and a radio. Even though some kits are purchased with the complete deal others are sold as a single vehicle only thus do you have to make sure when you buy your first RC make sure you know all about the engine type you chose and what is required to run it.

Going to a hobby shop you will find that every car, boat, plane or train come with replacement parts and accessories that you would need. Something else that is noteworthy and you will experience as your love for this hobby grows is that you could enhance your RC’s looks and speed significantly. More hobbyists treat their RC’s with more respect and love that the car out in the driveway or garage.