Railroad LNER Flying Scotsman Steam Train

Railroad LNER Flying
Scotsman Steam Train

We know that Britain loves their Flying Scotsman and this shines through when looking at the latest Flying Scotsman A1 Class radio control train too. Looking at the real Flying Scotsman that underwent a costly restoration in 2016 it is no wonder that model train lovers would do the same too. Owning a slice of history from the original design with fine detail that imitates the design from Sir Nigel Gresley.

The train that comes from toy manufacturer Hornby calls this train the model 4472 and it is the latest in the series of model trains that are track ready. It is a railroad locomotive and what makes it outstanding is the ideal design that makes it a very robust train and even the younger hobbyist would find it difficult to damage. With dimensions of 293mm it has pristine finish and DCC Ready.

Other railroad collections that adds easily to the Flying Scotsman to complete a full railroad for beginners includes the Westminster Schools Class which is ideal for both experienced modelers and young enthusiasts. The Shrewsbury Schools Class is also ideal and even though slightly less detailed as the Flying Scotsman it is a great beginner’s train that adds well to the Flying Scotsman. With a wheel configuration of 4-4-0 its sole purpose is to be an express passenger locomotive with a three pole motor and ready for tracks and ages three and older.