RC Boat Design Simplified

RC Boat Design Simplified

Powered Sport Boat

Looking at kinds of radio controlled boats you will find that the most popular for a hobbyist is the sports boats. The reason is simple as anyone wants to slice through water and surf at super-fast blazing speeds. The good thing is that on today’s RC market you find a myriad of exciting and safe ways to be in the water and getting out too.

Swamp Buggies and Airboats

Swamp buggies and airboats are excitingly different and growing in popularity and it is its appearance and features that makes them desirable aside from the fact that they have a sturdy appearance and durable. The swamp buggies and airboats have props that is above the stem and fitted with airplane engines with a flat hull bottom that are powered generally by vanes on a fan, water rudder and other times a combination of the two.

Powered Scale Boats

When referring to scale boats you will refer to a kit that will be reproducing a full sized boat to the finest detail. These kits are RTR or ARR kits in a box that comes with everything including brass deck ladders, decks and other boat features like realistic extras that might even include cloth flags and planked fittings. Powered scale boats are not recommended to beginners or new hobbyists and you will find more expert boat builders investing in one of these, but beginners love racing them too.


Sailboats typically gets wind force to move regardless of size. Large full sail boats use wind and the boat is moved exactly like a full-sized boat would in regards to direction. When looking at RC sailboats you will find various sizes that could be either twenty inches and up to 40 inches and more. You will find a RC sailboat that has a mast stretching higher than 79 inches above water level.