RC Car Racing Speed Basics

RC Car Racing
Speed Basics

A question that many new comers ask is just how fast they could expect their car to run. There is only one answer that is correct and it is depending on engine and engineering, etc. RC model cars have either an electric or a Nitro engine and the engineering plays a big role too. Some ore designed for racing while other are designed for sport use like climbing, etc. it could be modifies for higher speeds or a stock car which tells you it works very similar than when you look at real cars too.

Take for example a monster truck, which are solely designed for climbing hills and literally crawls up ills and definitely not speeding up where on the other hand you get a RC that can push your car to run over 80 mph. look at some rough estimates we list here:

  • Monster truck with nitro engine: 20 – 40 mph
  • Monster truck with electric engine: 10 – 30 mph
  • On road car with nitro engine: 20 – 70 mph
  • On road car with electric engine: 20 – 100 mph
  • Off road car with nitro engine: 20 – 60 mph
  • Of road car with electric engine 15 – 60 mph

Now the question arises as to which engine would be the better to choose. Here it is easy too when you are looking for an affordable, quiet and quick car that is easy to build and maneuver you would like an electric vehicle especially when you are a beginner. When fully charged you will run your car from eight to ten minutes and many has multiple packs and quick charging allowing you to have hours of fun. Nitro powered engines are growing in popularity as players get more speed and acceleration and improvements make handling, maintenance and expenses lower than before. Nitro powered cars also have a distinct smell that is very realistic and the sound is great too.

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