What Do You Need To Run Your RC

What Do You Need
To Run Your RC

When you have an RC you need more than your vehicle as electrics require a battery, speed control and 2 or three channel radio. Looking at a nitro vehicle you need a muffler, fuel, engine and a radio. Even though some kits are purchased with the complete deal others are sold as a single vehicle only thus do you have to make sure when you buy your first RC make sure you know all about the engine type you chose and what is required to run it.

Going to a hobby shop you will find that every car, boat, plane or train come with replacement parts and accessories that you would need. Something else that is noteworthy and you will experience as your love for this hobby grows is that you could enhance your RC’s looks and speed significantly. More hobbyists treat their RC’s with more respect and love that the car out in the driveway or garage.

Speed control give you power over speed and how your RC runs. These speed controls work in conjunction with radios and delivering signals sent from transmitters. No you also get two versions of control both brushless and brushed which have to be paired with the engine type that could be either a brushless motor or brushed motor. Good tips to follow is getting an inexpensive and simple brushed speed control and motor as it offers more precise control as well as added power.

You will also ace the choice between motor classes which is basically modified or stock. Usually when you purchase a ready to run car it will have a motor which will be a stock motor unless otherwise specified, with the downside that you cannot modify it at a later stage, but then you could replace the complete engine and what go with it.

Modified motors on the other hand are used with electronic speed controls and need additional current to run and operate. Aside from the fact that a modified motor will drain batteries faster you will be having greater torque, more power, adjustable timing and also have ball bearings, like a real car.